4 Essential Accessories For Winter Paddleboarding

Winter Paddleboarding

As cold water activities become more popular, accelerated by the cultural impact of figures like Wim Hof, more individuals are taking to explore their local landscape in search of lakes, rivers, and beaches that allow them to experience the excitement and benefits of natural waters.

One of the most significant examples of this popularity is stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), an activity that has rocketed into the international spotlight as one of the most accessible and well-celebrated watersports available. As a result, it is commonplace to see groups take to their local lakes and rivers, as well as beaches, to embrace the waterscape.

What is notable about paddleboarding, especially when comparing the activity with surfing, is that it does not necessitate the need for waves or even swimming, which makes it more suitable as an activity to be enjoyed all year round, including as a winter activity. Before you head out onto the cold water with your paddleboard, however, there are a few accessories you should ensure you have ready.

Changing Robe

Those who venture out onto the water during winter are likely to need a changing robe. These essential SUP accessories help in a number of ways. Primarily, they allow individuals to change their clothing with discretion, even right by the water. This alleviates the need to wear more insulated and cumbersome clothing, such as a wetsuit, from a home to the water.

Then, when stepping back onto dry land, they allow individuals to change out of wet clothing while both drying them off and warming them up. This protection from the external climate is, on a winter’s day, essential.

Safety Lease

At all times of year, but especially during the winter, a safety lease is an important accessory for paddleboarding. This simple device ensures that a paddleboarder and their board remain attached, generally by the ankle or waist, even when dismounted. Since cold water can be significantly shocking to those who jump or fall in, it is essential that paddleboards remain close to support an efficient escape.

Insulated Flask

In addition to the low temperatures of wild waters during winter, there is also the air temperature that must be considered too. This is especially important since paddleboarders tend to remain exposed to the air, as well as breezes and winds, for long periods of time.

Insulated clothing, such as a wetsuit is fundamental. However, such gear can be well-supported with the addition of an insulated flask, one that keeps hot liquids at high temperatures for long periods of time. By bringing such an accessory along on the adventure, individuals have access to a beverage that will raise their internal body temperature, as well as keep their hands warm, throughout the day.

Swim Gloves

Even those who have every intention of maintaining their balance on the water and remaining dry will find their hands being tested by the cold air during the winter months. As such, swim gloves are highly recommended for SUP enthusiasts. These simple accessories will ensure that, not only are hands kept warm, but also that they retain their grip more easily, helping to grasp paddles and board edges even in extreme weather.

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