Staying Connected: Internet and Communication

internet on the Everest

Internet connection is crucial anywhere you go in this modern day and age. The Internet has become a medium for communication with people no matter where you are. In fact, you must keep yourself around places that facilitate internet and communication services. But, when you are trekking climbing mountains, or simply visiting a rural place, it is almost impossible for you to get internet access in those places. A lot of problems with internet connection and communication will be solved if you know the right ways to get the connections. Read till the end of this article to know more about the internet and communication and how you can stay connected wherever you are!

Is there internet on Everest?

Getting internet on the Everest is almost impossible to many. The area at Everest is pretty rural, and getting even the most basic facility there may seem like a luxury, and internet and communication is definitely one of them. Internet connection helps people connect with one another, and when you are at Everest, the most accessible form of communication is by buying yourself a recharge card, taking along plenty of cards, or having your mobile data full of a certain amount so you don’t run out of it when you are there. Wifi service is almost nonexistent at Everest. 

But, there is a certain something at Everest that not a lot of mountaineers and trekkers know of: the Everest Link. The Everest link is a wifi connection that you can get access to quite easily, even at the height of 5,380m (17,600 feet). Though hard to believe to many, Everest Link has been known as the world’s fastest internet link as well. Before Everest Link was put in the mountainous region, mountaineers mostly relied on satellite phones only. But times surely have changed for internet and communication even in the most rural mountain. 

Is there an Internet in the Himalayas?

Not only Everest region but many parts of the whole Himalayan mountain chain have been getting facilities for internet service since the past decade, which is the mid-2010s. Before internet connection was so common among mountaineers and trekkers, they mostly relied on local telephones found at lower parts of the base camp where people resided, that too very uncommonly or infrequently, or simply by carrying along a satellite telephone. But mobile data is not only the source of internet and communication in the Himalayas now. 

Many base camps of the most popular mountains in the Himalayas provide wifi connection for the people interested after saying a certain amount. Moreover, you don’t even have to worry about not getting a network connection up in those high mountains anymore because of the highly developed facilities. 

Internet and Communication during rural trekking

Internet and communication are some of the most crucial aspects of connecting wherever you go. When you are on a trek to a rural place, it is not possible for you to find a network connection just about anywhere. There are not even as many network towers in places that are rural with almost no human inhabitants. Therefore, even carrying along enough mobile data is not adequate when you go to places as such. It is, however, not with surety that we can confirm a solid wifi connection. 

Many guesthouses and rest houses throughout the world provides wifi connection for the visitors while the others don’t. It all depends on where you going. 

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