When I learned that this was where I was going to have my cooking activity during my Italian immersion. I decided to eat there out of curiosity… And since then, I have eaten there at least twice a week. First, because it’s 5 minutes from my school, but above all because for €10 I can eat excellent pasta with a little wine and I’ll never be disappointed. It’s really a very big crush for this little pasta bar in the center of Rome. It’s delicious, there’s wifi and I highly recommend it!


A nice little visit to an artisanal Italian Gelateria , from the Fassi family. I visited and witnessed the making of strawberry sorbet and we tasted it. Only water, strawberries and gelatin, 10 minutes later we tasted it.

We also learned a lot about making artisanal gelato. Gelatos should always be presented flat. If gelatos are “fluffy” and very colorful, it’s because they have chemicals. Real gelato is made the same day with natural products, water, sugar, milk and the addition of flavors such as cocoa for chocolate gelato. Everything is always fresh daily, as there are no chemicals for preservation. A foodie in gelato heaven!


The Campo de Fiori is one of the most famous squares in Rome. Millions of tourists visit the Eternal City every year to experience the joys of La Dolce Vita. Want to stock up on Italian olive oil, spices, pasta, cheese or cold cuts? Well that’s good, since you can taste all these products on the Campo de Fiori, where one of the most famous markets in town is held every day.


In Rome and Italy in general, when you drink in a bar, you are often served snacks. Here at Freni E Frizioni , which I highly suggest, a wonderful bar in Trastevere, you get the all-you-can-eat buffet as long as you drink alcohol…and it’s delicious! I highly recommend this bar for the atmosphere, the cocktails, the music, the large terrace and the buffet!


I don’t remember why I pinned this restaurant on my Google Map… but I loved eating at Enoteca Trastevere ! It’s a bit more expensive than average but well worth it. The wine list is huge and I loved my plate of homemade gnocchi with 4 cheeses and truffles for 17€. If you can afford it, it’s definitely a must in Trastevere.


Finding a bar to drink cocktails, wine and beer with music and a nice atmosphere is quite difficult in Rome. In Italy, a bar is rather a place where you drink your coffee and eat a quick bite. I did find a few bars, lit with neon lights and with plastic chairs… but not really my style. So while walking around Trastevere I found Bar Del Cinque . You can drink all you want, the atmosphere is quiet and eclectic. The music is good and not too loud and there is free wifi! And seriously, their wine by the glass is only 5€ and they are all exquisite. This is my headquarters in Rome.


Italians love to eat sushi… and so do I! So sometimes I take a break from pasta & pizza to eat some good sushi! And each time, it’s a great culinary experience. At Ristorante Koi , you order directly on an iPad which is hung on your table and for 21€ you can eat all you can eat sushi. I really loved my sushi! Filled foodie!


The Dar Poeta restaurant is really very small and above all it is located in a small winding street in Trastevere but with Google Map you can find it easily. I ate one of the best pizzas in Rome, the “Lingua de foco” (Tongue of fire) tomato sauce, spicy salami, hot pepper and mozzarella with 0.5L of casa red wine. The pizza is delicious and only 8.5€ and the house wine is correct at 4€ per half-litre.


It is the Da Ricci family, which has run the pizzeria for four generations. Pizzeria Antica Est Est Est is located near the Santa Maria Maggiore church. It is one of the oldest pizzerias in Rome! In a bistro-style decor that has retained its 1920s atmosphere.

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