Top 5 Bangkok Travel Attractions

Bangkok Travel Attractions

Foodies will love Chatuchak Weekend Market’s world-renowned street-food stalls! For maximum shopping pleasure, visit during night time when all the stalls come alive with activity.

Try durian, an aromatic fruit renowned for its characteristic smell. A must-do in Bangkok!

Visit State Tower for breathtaking acrophobia-inducing views at Sirocco and champagne sipping at Pink Bar, while MahanakhonSkyWalk boasts the world’s highest glass floor with panoramic city skyline views. Toronto to Bangkok flights are now available with the services of Cathay Pacific.

Chatuchak Market

The market opens from 6PM on Friday until midnight, 9AM-6PM Saturday/Sunday with some stalls staying open later than this. In addition to shopping there are numerous food stalls offering traditional Thai treats such as deep-fried salty treats and fresh fruit; as well as popular Western fare like french fries and iced coffee.

Markets offer an abundance of merchandise that may be overwhelming to navigate. Luckily, they feature information centers and maps as well as vendors who speak English who can answer any queries that arise.

If you need a respite from busy streets, take a break at one of the numerous parks located throughout Bangkok. Locals use these large public parks for cycling, jogging and picnicking with family. Clean bathrooms and restaurants are available too. Aor Tor Kor Market, Siam Orchid Centre, H.M Queen Sirikit Park Rod Fai Park BuddhadasaInterpanyo Archive and Bronze Craft Centre are some of the more renowned locations that may help.

Apart from the famed Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok has plenty of shopping and entertainment options that will satisfy any traveler. From premium department stores to its acclaimed art scene, Bangkok boasts attractions that will appeal to visitors of all ages.

Siam Paragon

Bangkok offers everything from international designer clothing and electronic gadgets, car showrooms offering exclusive sports cars, restaurants and cafes to dine at, as well as numerous attractions like Madame Tussauds wax museum and Sea Life Bangkok aquarium.

Mall decorations are one of the main draws to this Instagram-worthy location. For even more flair in your pictures, use the augmented reality filter at the entrance; this fun and easy trick will ensure that they stand out!

Pathum Wanaram Temple is another must-see spot, located between Central World Plaza and Siam Paragon Mall and boasting gorgeous architecture and artwork from both locations. Additionally, visit its crematorium adorned with intricate stenciling designs and lacquered sculptures for an amazing visual treat!

At Siam Paragon, there is an array of dining options to suit every palate and cuisine imaginable. Furthermore, visit Paragon Cineplex on its top floor to experience world-class cinematic delights such as IMAX theatre experiences or VIP seating – or grab something quick from one of the fast food outlets located throughout the mall.

Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park, Bangkok’s green lung, provides an oasis of shade and space. A favorite gathering spot among locals looking to spend quality time with family or friends, improve fitness or simply escape the vibrant urban sprawl, it provides the ideal setting for creative pursuits – be it aerobics classes, yoga sessions, singing karaoke or simply taking leisurely strolls amid lush equatorial nature – Lumpini Park will inspire the poet in you!

Lumbini Park was first created on royal property during the 1920s and given its current name after Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha. Since then, this park has served as a cultural hub for locals while strengthening community bonds through shared experiences. Furthermore, this park plays an essential role in reducing pollution levels and maintaining ecological balance.

Lumpini should be on your itinerary during any visit to Thailand if you want a truly authentic taste of Thai culture and life. Here, you will discover an energising park filled with lush equatorial plants, ornate bridges, and Chinese pagodas – creating a striking balance between urban landscapes and natural sanctuaries.

Lumpini Park boasts many species of birds, such as the famous kingfisher and hornbill. There is also an artificial lake where locals gather to relax or feed water monitor lizards – one of the best ways to explore all that Lumpini offers! SO/ Bangkok guests are invited to explore Lumpini by bicycle; one of the best ways to discover all it offers!

The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is the centerpiece of any Bangkok city break and should not be missed by anyone visiting this historic city. Once home to King Rama V until 1925, this incredible complex of temples and halls still leaves visitors amazed at its size and magnificence.

Though no longer home to the Royal family, the Grand Palace remains an iconic site open daily to visitors. Allow at least two to three hours for exploring its entire complex; for more in-depth history lessons book a tour guide or audio guide tour.

Staying near Khao San Road makes reaching the Grand Palace easy: take the BTS (Skytrain) to SaphanTaksin Station and then hop aboard one of Chao Phraya Express Boats from there, or hop-on/hop-off bus tours or one of Bangkok’s iconic red and white tuk-tuks for easy access.

Be mindful that the Grand Palace is a religious site, so visitors must dress accordingly when visiting. Sleeveless shirts, vests and shorts are not permitted inside and three-quarter length pants and skirts must always be worn when entering. Otherwise you will be turned away at the entrance.

As you make your way through the Grand Palace, don’t miss a visit to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha – Thailand’s most revered icon and an institution for locals that many consider an alternative way of worship. Additionally, use your Grand Palace ticket to enter RassakornPhipat Hall where Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles can be found – making a trip worth visiting!

Wat Pho

Temple complexes can be dauntingly large and taking your time exploring them may take considerable energy, but the rewards are well worth your efforts. Most notable among the numerous shrines and rooms is the main hall containing the 15-meter tall and 46-meter long reclining Buddha, complete with mother-of-pearl illustrations depicting auspicious laksanas that lead to Nirvana.

Visitors typically come here to take pictures of this impressive statue, but the rest of the temple is also worth visiting. It offers four chapels showcasing 394 gilded Buddha images and its hallways are lined with intricate murals. Open daily from 8am-6:30pm it’s best to arrive early so as to avoid crowds!

Finding all of Wat Pho’s iconic rock giants can also be fun! These massive figures were initially brought into Bangkok on Chinese junks as ballast, before later being put to work at various temples across town, guarding gates and temple rooms with their presence and donning Chinese opera-inspired costumes for added effect.

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