Get Indulged in Dubai

1,276 ViewsNo doubt, this most developed city offers the activities of everyone’s interest; hence, you find many people visit it every year, so you are also going to get involved all the activities that can make your trip. Moreover, the living standard is high and thatlets you explore a wideContinue Reading

beach resort

1,726 ViewsThere’s no denying it, the great thing about being a beach lover is that we don’t have to choose from one over the other; we get to go to both! So if you live somewhere like Mumbai, which has just about one working beach in its city limits, thenContinue Reading

beautiful places

694 ViewsIn order to compile the list of the most beautiful places on Earth, British luxury travel company Kuoni recently conducted a study of more than 50 of the world’s most famous natural wonders, using unique tracking technology. by AI to discover the natural sites that attract the most attention.Continue Reading


1,119 ViewsI spent only a few days in Halifax and visiting the surrounding area. I really loved it and I especially loved eating lots of lobsters! I ate it for breakfast with eggs Benedict, as a snack in a dip, for lunch in a lobster roll and for dinner inContinue Reading


1,019 ViewsWhen I learned that this was where I was going to have my cooking activity during my Italian immersion. I decided to eat there out of curiosity… And since then, I have eaten there at least twice a week. First, because it’s 5 minutes from my school, but aboveContinue Reading

Marketing for your Hotel Top

772 ViewsMarketing is extremely powerful, but do you know how to use it perfectly? Whether you own a small hotel or have years of experience managing large hotel groups, there’s never a bad time to take a step back and reevaluate your hotel marketing strategy. Demand within any market changesContinue Reading

tourism industry

587 ViewsThe tourism industry , also known as the travel industry , relates to the idea of ​​people traveling to other places, domestically or abroad, for leisure, social, or professional purposes.  The tourism sector is closely related to the hotel industry , the hospitality industry and the transport industry ,Continue Reading

customer profiles

486 ViewsThere is no doubt that the effectiveness of your marketing strategy largely depends on how well you profile your hotel guests , known as segmentation. If you fail to define your customer personas, your efforts to drive more bookings will be wasted. Personas are descriptions of the customers yourContinue Reading