Marketing for your Hotel Top

171 ViewsMarketing is extremely powerful, but do you know how to use it perfectly? Whether you own a small hotel or have years of experience managing large hotel groups, there’s never a bad time to take a step back and reevaluate your hotel marketing strategy. Demand within any market changesContinue Reading

tourism industry

202 ViewsThe tourism industry , also known as the travel industry , relates to the idea of ​​people traveling to other places, domestically or abroad, for leisure, social, or professional purposes.  The tourism sector is closely related to the hotel industry , the hospitality industry and the transport industry ,Continue Reading

customer profiles

197 ViewsThere is no doubt that the effectiveness of your marketing strategy largely depends on how well you profile your hotel guests , known as segmentation. If you fail to define your customer personas, your efforts to drive more bookings will be wasted. Personas are descriptions of the customers yourContinue Reading

strategy for restaurants

117 ViewsLuxury retailers, high-end restaurants, fine dining restaurants and high-end travel agencies are all trying to attract and engage wealthy Chinese tourists visiting their country. As illustrated above, the size and earning potential of this audience dwarfs most other consumer segments. A winning sales and marketing strategy to engage withContinue Reading

vacation, and defines

196 ViewsIt sounds easy, but hotel marketing is hard. Travelers buy differently: social networks influence their decision and smartphone reservations are increasing. With so much choice, it becomes difficult to get and hold attention, manage your reservations and delight your customers. Developing a marketing strategy will help you. A manContinue Reading


59 ViewsCamping is a fun and exciting outdoor activity that allows you to reconnect with nature and escape the stress of daily life. Whether you’re camping for a weekend or a week, it’s important to have the right gear, especially when it comes to weapons. Having the right weapon forContinue Reading